Wool Crafts

SPINNING TO KNIT – Gotland wool can be spun very fine or chunky. Most hand spinners love the silky fleece and the soft carded ‘clouds’ are easy to hand spin.  The long locks can also be spun with out carding if required. Lambs wool which is very soft can be of use in long draw spinning to make a fine light springy yarn for lace knitting.

Hand spun / hand knitted Gotland teds

Hand spun / hand knitted Gotland tedsKnitted Eden Gotland Lamb

  FELTING is my main craft and I really enjoy to experiment with the different technique’s.  Gotland wool produces wonderful felt from soft light nuno to strong structural pieces. The curls give texture and locks can be added as a fringe to projects.

This was my final felt piece for the City and Guild’s in Feltmaking and Design which I completed in 2007.  

My visit to Sweden and the island of Gotland in 2008  helped to both inspire and teach me new felting skills, I discovered felting with locks which has given a new dimension to the use of Gotland fleece in my felt project

Felt Cushions made by Nickie Kirkby using Eden Gotland sheep fleece <left and Teesewater locks and ‘Gotex’ fleece right>
 Gotland wool can make beautifully draping fabric. The Hobbit cloaks from the Lord of the Ring and Hobbit films are made from Gotland and Alpaca wool in New Zealand
 I now produce a Gotland 80% /Alpaca 20% blend in various colours which spins and knits up beautifully.