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August 2017 Its been a very wet summer here is Cumbria unfortunately this has meant we haven’t been able to make much hay , on the plus side there is lots of fresh grass so all the lambs are growing well.

I have some livestock for sale now 3 cross bred Gotland shearling ewes all with lovely pale creamy curly fleece ideal woolly pets and 1 shearling pure bred Gotland ram Eden Kirkstone good bloodline with a nice dark grey curly fleece.

The pure bred Gotland ewe lambs will be available in October . For more details and photo’s email me  or phone 01768 870538.

 May 2017- Now its time to start preparing for Woolfest June 23rd /24th, all last winters fleece is washed ready for carding and we our planning the summer shearing in about 10 days time. Always a busy time of year ,hope to see you in Cockermouth next month do come and say hello to us all on the stand bottom of isle F 116/117 .


 Woolfest JPEG 2017

April 4th 2017

-Lambing finished in 6 days due to synchronising tupping last November.  19 lambs from 9 ewe’s all normal deliveries, 3 sets of triplets , 4 twins and 2 singles more boys than girls this year but all healthy and doing well. Photos on my facebook page 


March 2017 – Good news 17 lambs due at the end of March, I have sheared 10 of my best ewe’s so some fleece available now and Woolfest stands confirmed for this year the dates are 23rd and 24th June at Cockermouth Cumbria 

November 2016 – Summer has flown by and now winter is with us the tups have been with the ewe’s and hopefully all 10 will be in lamb, due end of March 2017. I have been busy with wool orders and all the available raw lambs fleece is now sold. I have washed mid grey ewe’s and can card into wool batts to order suitable for hand spinning or felt work. Also available 4 ply knitting wool in slate grey ideal for knitting some winter gloves or socks. Contact me if you require any Gotland wool or if you would like me to card your own washed fleece.

img_20160917_114257776-1                        img_20160828_103852576


June 24th /25th 2016 Woolfest at Cockermouth   



May 7th 2016 All the lambs are doing well growing fast now the spring grass is growing, the weather has warmed again and soon it will be spring shearing time for all the adults . I’m also starting to get ready for Woolfest in June lots of fleece washing and carding to do .

Eden Eccles and triplets month old

Eden Eccles and triplets month old

Eden Kingdom tup lamb

Eden Kingdom tup lamb


April 15th 2016  Last of this years ewe’s delivered a nice set of twin girls its been a good year with 4 sets of triplets all running with their mums and doing well.  The spring grass is growing now and we have had some beautifully warm sunny days in Cumbria lets hope we have a proper summer this year too.

Gotland lambs at Scalerigg play time

Gotland lambs at Scalerigg play time


spring grass is growing

spring grass is growing

March 2016- the 23 rd March saw the first Eden Gotland lambs arrived, 2 ewe lambs to Eden Iona a first timer all on her own while we had gone out . The rest have all got their legs firmly crossed had thought one more was due over Easter weekend but no nothing yet, the remaining 18 are mainly due after 4 th April a few sleepless nights and early mornings to come


January 2016 Happy New Year all woolly friends. The Eden Sheep flock have been quietly adjusting to the winter weather so far this year mild and wet luckily we live on high ground so no problems with floods although locally along the river Eden there has been considerable flooding and damage and through out Cumbria just too much rain .

I plan to start shearing my best ewe’s next week and move them inside off the muddy fields, they will have a lovely relaxing time for the second half of their pregnancy eating our hay and ‘blooming’.

October 2015 . The year has been very busy year going on at Scalerigg juggling building work and decorating with shepherding and felt making, the farm house renovation work has now been completed and the garden starting to take shape. Spring was busy with 28 healthy lambs all now well grown some gone to pastures new . Summer was a bit of a washout eventually we made hay, Attended Woolfest  in June and Horsley Wool fair in August with lots of carding and felting activity in between.  John sheared all the sheep both in May and the lambs in Sept and now tupping time is here  again with winter fast approaching. North Pennine Winter Wool fair at Hexham in November is the last event of the year looking ahead it will be Woolfest in June 2016 and Wool on the Wall in July to look forwards too.