Our first 6 Gotland sheep arrived in  2004, the flock has now grown with mainly pure bred registered sheep and a few cross bred northern mule x Gotland . The sheep are kept mainly for their wonderful fleece, curly, lustrous and soft in various shades of grey, excellent for spinning, weaving, felting and knitting. However it is not just their fleece that makes them so special they are friendly, inquisitive sheep with great personalities that makes you just fall in love with them.

I breed from a few ewe’s each year they produce mainly twin lambs and quite often triplets, lambing is from mid March to early April. Registered lambs are available from weaning in August.  Other livestock may be available shearling ewe’s and registered breeding tups (rams). All our sheep are care for as organically as possible with the minimal use of chemicals and medicines. They live on old meadow pasture with many herbs and mixed wild flowers we make our own sweet meadow hay which they enjoy in the winter months. They are sheared by us with care and given the love and respect they deserve throughout their lives they are very special and very much part of our family.

Gotland sheep originate from Sweden and the island of Gotland; the modern Gotland is also know as pa’lsfar they are closely related to the other Northern short tailed breeds. The modern Gotland is valued for their beautiful furskins, their lean well flavoured meat and wonderful fleece.img_20160917_114257776-1